Automated bookmark and read later service for Twitter favorites

How it Works

Step 1

Continue favoriting interesting tweets on Twitter.

Step 2

Your favorites are automatically processed and stored.

Step 3

Favorites containing links are expanded and summarized.

Step 4

Access favorites via API, RSS, Readability, Pocket, and more.

Favorite tweets and we take care of the rest

Link Processing

Each favorited tweet is checked for web links. For each link found we analyze the page's contents to build a summary.

Read Later Services

Like to read articles with Readability or Pocket? We provide integrations to push any links found automatically.

Email Digest

Choose between an optional daily or weekly email digest containing your processed and summarized favorites.


Prefer consuming your information via RSS? We build and provide an RSS feed for all of your processed favorites.

Developer API

All data is available via a RESTful API so you can build your own integrations and services.


Let us notify you when new favorites are processed and added so you don't have to keep checking.

Word On The Street

"Such a brilliant tool for all of us who use favorites as a way to mark stuff to read later."

"Meet favatron, a great way to push your twitter favorites as a feed to other places."

"Favatron's reminders are incredibly handy. I totally forgot about articles I fav'd yesterday."

Yearly Pricing

Choose the plan that is right for you


$0/ year
  • Unlimited favorites/day
  • 4 hour check interval
  • 1 week data retention
  • Third party integrations
  • Email digest
  • RSS


$15/ year
  • Unlimited favorites/day
  • 15 minute check interval
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Third party integrations
  • Email digest
  • RSS
  • Developer API
  • Webhooks

* All plans can be changed or cancelled anytime